Recent Climate Change Impacts on Mountain Glaciers-Mauri Pelto

Book Description:

Recent Climate Change Impacts on Mountain Glaciers-Mauri Peltocover

Glaciers are considered a key and an iconic indicator of climate change. The World Glacier Monitoring Service has noted that global alpine balance has been negative for 35 consecutive years. This highlights the dire future that alpine glaciers face.

The goal of this volume is to tell the story, glacier by glacier, of response to climate change from 1984-2015. Of the 165 glaciers examined in 10 different alpine regions, 162 have retreated significantly. It is evident that the changes are significant, not happening at a “glacial” pace, and are profoundly affecting alpine regions. There is a consistent result that reverberates from mountain range to mountain range, which emphasizes that although regional glacier and climate feedbacks differ, global changes are driving the response. This book considers ten different glaciated regions around the individual glaciers, and offers a different tune to the same chorus of glacier volume loss in the face of climate change. Below are some sample image pairs all Landsat images from the book.  The red arrow indicates the earlier terminus, yellow arrow later terminus position and purple arrows upglacier thinning.

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