From a Glaciers Perspective Author

After 27 years of working on glaciers and watching the rapid changes they experienced due to global warming, I felt it was time to share the story glacier by glacier from glaciers around the world. The story is similar, glacier retreat in mountain ranges leading to new lakes and expanding lakes. Glacier retreat in coastal areas leading to lengthening fjords and new islands developing. The collective impact of course is sea level rise. From 1981-1984 I worked with the Juneau Icefield Research Program that was directed by Maynard Miller. In 1984 I started the North Cascade Glacier Climate Project, which I still direct after 29 years. I also had the chance to work with Terry Hughes at the University of Maine modelling ice sheets and working on Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica and Jakobshavn Glacier, Greenland. My goal is to bring the story of two different glaciers each week, except during August when I am working on the glaciers. At the same time I look to continue to advance glaciology through publications and reviewing the fine work of colleagues.
Mauri Pelto


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